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  • Brand Protection through Domain Registration

    In terms of domain name registration, there was a time when you only needed a couple of domains to protect your brand: mybrand.com and mybrand.co.nz.

  • Click Cannibalisation: Are you Guity?

    We all know that, these days, competition for organic traffic (traffic that lands on your site via unpaid sources) is fierce. There will always be someone doing more to beat you in the search rankings. A simple and effective way to improve your ranking is to pay for AdWords. It’s quick and easy to set up, you can control your expenditure to fit your budget, and sure enough, you start having people click through to your site from the ads you run.

  • Terabyte did a great job at bringing our vision to life and creating an ‘awesome’ hub for our local community to feel inspired about Christchurch again. As always, they were a pleasure to deal with and we really appreciated their creative ideas and making the whole process so easy for us.
    Aleisha Duncan
    Online Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Q&A

    The terms "Content Marketing" and "Inbound Marketing" are being used a lot these days, but confusion still remains about their definitions and merits. If you ever wonder what all the fuss is about, take a look at our Q&A below ...

  • The Terabyte team came up to speed very quickly and understood our requirements. They ensured the project ran smoothly through every phase and showed flexibility to meeting our needs when required. The Terabyte team were fully engaged and always kept us informed throughout the project. They have built us a strong platform for future growth without making it too complicated or unmanageable.
  • The Terabyte team have been a pleasure to work with. The project has run very smoothly, and we’re thrilled with the new site for our international Skyline Luge business.
    Alice Ridgen
    Digital Team Leader
  • Beating the AD Blockers

    Running advertising on the web is like walking a fine line: everyone shoots for delighted engagement, but so many advertisers fall on the side of disruptive annoyance. So what exactly is going wrong?

  • 20 Years and Counting

    Our very own Murray, or Muzzie, celebrated his 20th "TeraVersary" recently. We could have Gladwrapped his desk, or put confetti in every available nook and cranny in his general vicinity, but we went for a nice banner instead. He's welcome.

  • First CD-Rom in NZ? Yep, that was us.

    Fun fact: Back in 1998, when the internet was just starting up, we developed the first large scale commercial CD-Rom in NZ for the launch of Xtra. Xtra shipped the CD ROM with a modem to all customers who signed up to their internet service and automated the installation of the software necessary to take them online. That's us, leading the charge since the Nineties.

  • Mentoring with the Graeme Dingle Foundation

    Our friends at the Graeme Dingle Foundation do many wonderful things for New Zealand's kids. Amongst them is Project K, designed to promote self confidence and life skills. This involves Year 10 students embarking on a Wilderness Adventure, followed by 12 months with a positive, encouraging mentor. Our very own Bridget will be mentoring an extremely lucky student over the following 12 months. Go Bridget!

  • Social Envy joins Terabyte

    We're delighted to announce that Social Envy, a ground breaking, data-driven inbound and social media agency, has joined Terabyte. Meet Brydie Meinung and learn more about this exciting addition to our offering in the full press release.

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