Measure, optimise, enhance

Day to day digital value add, ensuring your digital remains engaging, vibrant and available – includes support, hosting, monitoring, analytics & maintenance.

  • Retainer

    As a digital marketer you need assistance with activities that may occur once a year, once a month, once a quarter or an ongoing basis. The Terabyte Retainer Programme makes digital simple by packaging all your needs and wants over a 12 month period into a simple fixed monthly fee.
  • Sitecare

    Once a website is live it needs looking after. As your organisation develops, adapts and changes, so too will your content and communication with your audiences. With SiteCare our team are right behind your website, supporting you and the site 24/7 for a known and budgeted monthly cost.
  • Ongoing Updates and Enhancements

    Regular and scheduled minor version ( .x) upgrades to your CMS to ensure feature, security and performance enhancement benefits are available to you. Call us for our approach to major version upgrades (x. )
  • Hosting and Monitoring

    Terabyte provide fast, secure, and cost effective hosting of your site. Our servers are located in high quality data centres, with daily backups, statistics, and analytics all part of the service. If your organisation has its own in-house hosting service, we are able to work closely with your IT team to ensure a smooth go-live, making ongoing maintenance easy.

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